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Although many of the so-called proofs of paranormal phenomena are only a stack of presumptions, I find it difficult to dismiss paranormal occurrences entirely. Without falling into junk mysticism, I would nevertheless like to state that Himalayan Salt Lamps tend to bring forth certain unused abilities of the human brain in natural and beneficial ways.
 In this writing, you will find some psychic exploration that seems enhanced by work with salt crystal lamps. I’ve provided some suggestions of how best to use your lamps in each discipline. This is by no means a complete list; you may be able to add to it after working with a lamp of your own.
There are countless techniques of healing, all of which rely on a practitioner’s ability to recognize and reorganize energetic disturbances. Some styles such as massage, rolfing, and acupuncture use hands-on methods, while others, such as energy healing, keep the practitioner’s hands a few inches above a client’s body.
Himalayan salt lamps are terrific assets in any healing practice. First of all, they enhance the ability of the body and mind to relax, which are conditions needed for practicing any healing technique well. Second, salt lamps will recharge the practitioner, helping her to avoid being destabilized by the illnesses of those whose healing process she is accelerating. It is a good idea, for example, to put your hands directly on the lamp before and after a session. This will help cleanse and recharge your energy body as well as your hands. Use a large size lamp in your treatment room, and light it up an hour before you begin your session.
There are many different kinds of meditation, but all of them are enhanced by the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps. In general, you can divide meditation practices into two kinds: passive and active. In passive meditation, you can simply stare at a rock lamp for several minutes a day, without any other kind of lighting, either in a lotus position if you master it, or seated across from it. You might try what is called “emptying your mind” and concentrating just on this one focal point. Let the thoughts that come to you pass through, without trying to examine them or get rid of them. Don’t even try to find any kind of significance or coherence in them, just let them go, like ripples that disappear from a pond.
Active meditation consists of concentrating on specific thoughts. These might be in the form of words, sounds, or images. This kind of meditation will help you evolve. However, it requires a good knowledge of symbolism and perfect mastery of visualization.
Whatever kind of meditation you practice, the Himalayan salt lamps will act on you like a mental purge, emptying thoughts from you that harm your evolution or balance. These thoughts may arise within you in different ways on subsequent days and probably through your dreams, allowing you to settle some internal conflicts.
By contributing to better mental, physical, and spiritual balance, regular use of Himalayan salt lamps greatly increases your ability to think positively. Over time it may even change the way you perceive and understand the world, awakening you to the reality of abundance. Welcome to the world of creative optimism.
Just as salt protects and preserves food, principles of magical analogy suggests that it also protects the soul and provides shelter to those who call upon it from occult attacks of all kinds. Be assured that ancient practitioners of magic tested their materials for a long time before deciding that a tool was spiritually active. That was the case with rock salt and Himalayan salt lamps. While our explanations today may revolve around electromagnetic fields and negative ions, we still maintain the principle that salt crystal shields your home and those inside it from all forms of aggression.
To activate the protective powers of your salt crystal lamp, it’s a good idea to establish “contact” with it. Touch your lamp, feel its contours with your fingers. Maintain respect and admiration- not the kind you have for a god, but the kind you feel toward a work tool that functions extremely well. Think about all the ways salt has demonstrated its protective abilities throughout the millennia.
You can also generate protection for other people by placing photos of them at the foot of a medium to large size natural lamp, which should then remain lit for two whole days. Even after this time, you will be about to touch the lamp without getting burned.
After two days have elapsed, arrange your photos nearby, turn off the lamp, and inscribe the names of the people you wish to call protection for on small individual pieces of paper. Fold your pieces, take the bulb out of the lamp and arrange the papers in the hollow part of your rock salt block. Leave them like that for two days, then pick them up and place the still-folded papers in your wallet. With this practice, you will be continuing to call in protection for people as long as you are keeping their names in your thoughts and among belongings.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 88-106)
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