Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale Information

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We would like to share with you some important information about Why ordering Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale from our Company is a better value for you.
Here are the important issues that you make take into considerations.
1. Quality of the Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale:
First of all, our Himalayan Salt Lamps are of the best quality on the market right now. They can come in light pink, pink coral and deep red. Furthermore, they all come with an attractive rosewood base. They also have an UL approved cords SPT-2 with fixture and switch that can take up to 60W.  Most of the salt lamps that are available on the internet com with SPT-1 electrical fixtures which are limited to 15W bulbs.  Use of a higher wattage bulb in the SPT-1 fixtures can create a fir hazard in your house or store.  The vendors of these inferior but inexpensive products do not tell you about this limitation or hazard.  Our salt lamps also use standard candelabra based bulbs which can be replaced locally.
2. Free delivery:
Inquires from commercial accounts, including regional and national distributors, in the health and wellness and food industries are welcome. We offer volume discounts and special services. Drop ship services are also available to all commercial accounts. We have regular delivery routes along the east coast of the US from Maine to Florida and west to Ohio and Texas. We provide FREE WHOLESALE DELIVERY in these areas of the USA. Our wholesale accounts can buy off the truck when it arrives at your location.
3. Exchange and Return for Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale:
We accept any exchange or return of the products we deliver. When the truck arrives, wholesale clients can also exchange any items that remain unsold after 60 days, for similar items or items of equal value, provided that the original items are undamaged.  Wholesale accounts are guaranteed not be stuck with unsold merchandise. In that way, we can guarantee you sell 100% of the inventory you buy.
If you are interested in becoming our distributor and gain all above values, please click the following link and fill up with your information. We will come back to you very shortly.

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