How to use Himalayan Salt Lamps for Spiritualism

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The practice of invoking the dead has been around for countless centuries. Since this occult art requires an open passage between two realms of existence, it can leave the practitioner and all those present vulnerable to many energies that are not necessarily beneficial. A spiritualist medium could in fact find herself confronted by powers for which her will alone is insufficient to assure absolute control, or she might be visited by spirits that she had not consciously called upon. So, how can Himalayan Salt Lamps help?
Whether one uses automatic writing, a Ouija board, or a séance table, a reliable method of protection is necessary to ensure the safety of those present. Himalayan Salt Lamps serve as powerful allies in this endeavor; they essentially draw good spirits toward the practitioners, attracting entities and who are animated by good intentions while repelling all others.
For proper protection, your lamp should be set up and lit at least three hours before the beginning of the session. You should place it in the center of your table, above any other tools you need. Ideally, you would use three lamps in the pattern of a triangle surrounding your working area: a small lamp at the top of your table and two medium size lamps at the sides forming the base of the triangle. If you have two lamps, place them at the two ends of the table.
Whatever the spiritualist methodology you use, your Himalayan Salt Lamps will have a double function: first of all, to purify the atmosphere and thereby protect you; second to serve as a contact object so that you can come back to normality quickly in case of problems, which should, in any case, be limited by the presence of the lamps.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 117-118)
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