The benefits of Potassium in Himalayan Salt in the body

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Potassium is one of several macro-minerals found in abundance in Himalayan Salt and it is very important for your health. More specifically, the balance of sodium and potassium in your body is essential for cardiovascular health. If your diet is too high in sodium without complementary amounts of potassium, you could experience a number of health problems including high blood pressure and various forms of heart disease.
The mineral potassium serves as an electrolyte in the human body along with sodium and chloride. An electrolyte is an atom that carries an electrical charge and transmits that electricity to create muscle contractions and to facilitate nerve communication in the brain. While chloride has a negative ionic charge, both sodium and potassium are positively charged. The difference is that sodium is more highly concentrated outside the cells (extracellular) while potassium is highly concentrated in the cells (intracellular). When the concentrations of these ions are balanced inside and outside the cells, it facilitates the smooth flow of electrical currents and fluid.
As you may know, fluid balance is essential for good health. When your sodium and potassium levels become imbalanced, your body may start to retain water in an effort to maintain fluid levels. This, in turn, increases your blood volume which leads to an increase in blood pressure. The later, then affects the pumping of your heart. Over time, excess sodium intake without adequate potassium intake to balance it can lead to chronic high blood pressure which will increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. Using a natural salt like Himalayan Salt that contain potassium, rather than table salt which has had its potassium content removed, can help to maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the human body.

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