Do Himalayan Salt Lamps work in Planetary Consciousness?

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Although planetary consciousness is one of the oldest concepts we have, it is attracting new interest today as part of modern spirituality movements. Simply put, planetary consciousness is a deep feeling of belonging and interconnection among all living beings inhabiting our planet. From the moment we become aware of this interconnection, we cease to feel isolated, but instead recognize ourselves as an integral part of a vast whole to which we try to bring our harmonious contribution. Himalayan Salt Lamps do they work in Planetary Consciousness?
History of Planetary Consciousness
In his 1906 book American Character, author Brander Matthews mentions the idea of a "league of nations" and a "planetary consciousness", believing it would be created by American politicians in the coming centuries.[1] Key planetary consciousness events of the 20th century include the creation of the League of Nations, the signing of Kellogg-Briand Pact, the creation of the United Nations, and the creation of the Bretton Woods systemDemocratic globalization advocate Abhay Kumar points to the International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) board of directors election in 2000, which were conducted globally, as the first example of global democracy.[2] In September 2001, Ervin László and the Dalai Lama wrote an essay titled "Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness", which was adopted at a meeting at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest.[3] Its introduction begins:
"In the closing years of the twentieth century, we have reached a crucial juncture in our history. We are on the threshold of a new stage of social, spiritual, and cultural evolution, a stage that is as different from the stage of the earlier decades of this century as the grasslands were from the caves, and settled villages from life in nomadic tribes. We are evolving out of the nationally based industrial societies that were created at the dawn of the first industrial revolution, and heading toward an interconnected, information-based social, economic, and cultural system that straddles the globe."[3]

Andreas Bummel, CEO of the Committee for a Democratic UN, says, "The first step into the direction of a world parliament would be the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations".[4]
It is actually hard to persist in pathological behaviors and actions when we have such a feeling of being connected to the rest of the universe. I myself have noted that continued use of Himalayan Salt Lamps seems to cultivate this wider awareness, whether or not it was consciously sought. Perhaps it is a natural evolution that we human beings are working toward. In any case, don’t be afraid of it, for you will draw huge benefits from your improved relationship with the rest of the planet. On spiritual as well as material levels, you will notice wonderful changes, simply because the way you act will no longer be the same.

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