Hand and Foot Health

Himalayan Salt Treat Your Feet and Dome Foot Massage
Some believe that feet were never meant to have shoes especially high heels. During a long workday wearing tight fitting shoes, or when jogging or working out in the gym, your feet take a pounding. Himalayan Salt Treat Your Feet and Foot Dome Massage can make them feel good again.

Treat Your Feet hydrates and smoothes rough skin caused by athletics, work and the overuse of everyday life. It refreshes tired, sore and burning feet and cleanses the skin, removing unwanted residues and also heaping to establish a natural pH for the skin.

The Foot Dome Massage provides two principles benefits. First is simple relaxation. Curling your foot around the dome relieves tension and encourages needed circulation. Second is pure tactile enjoyment. Rubbing the warm, smooth surface is like having your feet massaged stimulating pleasure sensors throughout your body. 

Himalayan Salt Pamper Your Hands
Think of how many times you wash your hands. By the end of the day hands become dry or chapped and look older than your years. Like a presoak prior to a salon manicure, Himalayan Salt Pamper Your Hands is a soothing way to soften and smooth hands while delivering the unique health benefits of soaking hands in pure, mineral rich Himalayan salt. Ideal for use before your own home manicure, it softens and gently exfoliates skin while deeply cleaning and extracting residues that penetrate hands and nails. It enhances the effectiveness of hand lotions and other skin products. Three delightful scents add variety to the experience.
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