Lamp Natural Jumbo

Himalayan Salt Lamps- Jumbos
Hand Made and Custom Made Pure Salt Lamps for the Home and Office. We offer several natural lamp categories in standard sizes ranging up to about 1,000 lbs. These lamps all come in a standard shape and variable colors and textures.
However, many customers ask for larger and more unique salt lamp sizes and shapes. These lamps typically occupy a special location in the home. In the office they are frequently displayed in the reception area or as an art piece elsewhere. To serve these unique needs, we maintain a warehouse of large salt crystals ranging up to 300 pounds and 3-4 feet in height. The crystals can be cut to any requested size or shape and mounted on wooden bases. Internal lighting is provided with these special lamps that are programmable to vary in intensity, color and timing.
It is best to call or email us to discuss the specifics of your project. You will receive photos by email of special lamps that are available from inventory or you may select the rough, uncut crystal that will be used for your truly special lamp.
 (Most of the salt lamps that are available on the internet come with SPT-1 electrical fixtures which are limited to 15W bulbs.  Use of a higher wattage bulb in the SPT-1 fixtures can create a fire hazard in your house or store.  The vendors of these inferior but inexpensive products do not tell you about this limitation or hazard.) 
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