Customer Testimonials

Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt
Himalayan Salt Company's Himalayan salt is is absolutely superior to any salt my wife and I have ever used. The taste and character of this salt is extraordinary. We were so happy with it we used it as  Christmas gifts this year and everyone was delighted. It is the only salt we will use from here on in. I would recommend everyone to do a little research into Himalayan salt and its health benefits and then to order some from this company. You won't be disappointed.
Jan 19th, 2016
David P - Kingston
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Hi, my name is Melanie Roof from Havel and I have a salt lamp and I’m suffering from chronic anxiety for over 30 years. I found that putting it next to my night table when I sleep has helped to calm me, has helped my anxiety drop and it helps me sleep. And I found that when I'm lying in bed I don't get that mind spin in my head. And with the lamp right near me it's just very soothing and I feel like I'm able to breathe easier. And it's been helping greatly with my sleep and it's beautiful.
September 27th, 2015
Melanie Roof - Havel
Himalayan Bath Salt
I like dancing so much, so I go to the dance floor very often. After dancing, my legs are tired and get tensed. One of my friend suggested me use Himalayan Bath Salt for both relaxing my feet and cleansing my body. I didn’t know how much it could help me but I took a big bag home and tried it for myself. One the first day, I poured in the tube with hot water and 300g of salt and soaked myself in it for 30 minutes. After that, I felt my legs were much less tensed and my body skin was soft and clean. I saw on the top of the water a thin film of dead skin floating over. I did it again for the next four days. The result was amazing. The film of dead skin got thinner and thinner day by day and my skin was much cleanser and softer. I am very happy with it. Thanks so much Himalayan Bath Salt.
September 13th, 2015
Nguyen Thi Ha Thu - Hanoi