Food from a Biophysical Point of View

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Let’s take a look at the essence of the word food in general terms (and the German meaning of the word food) before we embark upon our discussion about the two most important food substances for the human body- water and salt. The German word for food is Lebensmittel, which literally translates to “means of life” or “transmitter” or “conveyor of life”. Food carries substance; it is a carrier of life force/ energy/ information/ consciousness. But what happens when food looses its life force through various methods of preparation, by chemical alteration or deconstruction? In actuality, food no longer is a “conveyor of life”, but becomes instead, a “conveyor of death.” Even when, from its chemical structure, it is still made of the identical matter as prior to its preparation.
From Living Food to Dead Food
The famous Oxford studies demonstrate in a most impressive way what happens to food when it gets changed through processing. Scientists analyzed cow’s milk from both a chemical and biophysical aspect. From a biochemical aspect they saw that the milk had a very high calcium and protein content. They checked the electromagnetic frequency pattern in the lower frequencies. By doing so, they found that the milk had a natural, holistic structure (the orderly structure of the elements creates a blueprint), where different frequency patterns of an energy spectrum could be detected. From a biochemical viewpoint, the detected elements, like calcium and protein, are of great importance. The biochemist talks of the importance of calcium for building bones in the baby calf and the protein necessary for its muscle growth. After this analysis, the milk was pasteurized. After analyzing the pasteurized milk they found that still contained the same calcium and protein. From a chemical standpoint, the milk hadn’t changed and it could still be fed to the calf because it contained all the essential elements. However, when this pasteurized milk was fed to a calf for three weeks, it died.
How is this possible, if, chemically viewed, the chemical nutrients were intact? What changes were introduced in the milk by this treatment, causing the calf’s death?
Through pasteurizing, the crystalline structure of the milk was destroyed, resulting in the destruction of its inherent geometric structure. As a result, there couldn’t be detected any energy at all, or only a totally altered form of energy. The milk was no longer alive.
When Eating Food costs Energy
The original, organic calcium became inorganic due to its processing, which changed the structure/ information. In order for the calcium to be assimilated in the intestines, it must be in its organic form. Otherwise, it becomes more of a burden to the body because it no longer supports the metabolism and the body must use its own calcium reserves. Studies with school children showed that those who drank a lot of milk had the poorest teeth and weakest bone structure. If we eat dead food instead of living food, the body gets only empty calories and no information. Instead of receiving energy and vitality, the body has to draw on its own remaining energy to digest and discard the dead food. Although we have eaten food, we have actually robbed the body of its energy instead of adding to its supply.
Food in its Original State is Best
From a biophysical perspective, food is only a carrier information to the body. This vital information is important to a healthy diet. Eat vital foods, foods are alive, and alter your food as little as possible so that the holistic body is not destroyed. If we extract vitamin C from an acerola cherry in the belief that we will receive natural vitamin C instead of synthetic, we have to consider that we have changed the holistic body of the fruit, and with this, also, its information content that was to be delivered to us via the vitamin C. this perspective forces us to look deeper into food supplements and sheds a new light on the perceived value derived from their use.
When we plant an apple seed it will grow an apple tree. A grain will also bring a new stalk into life, containing more grains. Try the same with apple butter and corn chips and you can wait for eternity. They will never be able to produce life because both are dead material. An untreated, natural apple contains, in the biophysical sense, more energy and information content than all the cooked food we eat in the course of a day.
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