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Nowadays, many people have low blood pressure especially young people. It doesn’t cause stroke right away like high blood pressure but it causes dozen of uncomfortable symptoms such as dizzy, headache, pale, low energy, pimples and tumor. This absolutely has a big impact on our daily live. Using pink salt and ginger may help to solve this problem.
How do you know your blood pressure is low?
This is the standard blood pressure by age in medical Qigong experience of directing, founded by Master Do Duc Ngoc, Qigong Rememo, an alternative form of health exercise. If your blood pressure is lower than the below, you are one of them.
  • 95-100/60-65mmHg, pulse 60 as children. (5 years-12 years)
  • 100-110/60-65mmHg, pulse 65 in teens (aged 13 - 17 years)
  • 110-120/65-70mmHg, pulse 65-70 at the young age (18 years-40 years)
  • 120-130/70-80mmHg, pulse 70-75 in middle age (41 years old-59 years old)
  • 130-140/80-90mmHg, pulse at age 70-80 seniors (60 and older)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1.1 pound (1 kg) of fresh ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of pink salt
How to do?
  1. Boil two eggs and take out the yellow part
  2. Slice the ginger (See picture below)
  3. Dry it (See picture below)
  4. Roast the ginger on stove until it gets burnt outside (turns black but  if you break it, it is still yellow inside) (See picture below)
  5. Grind it into fine powder
  6. Mix pink salt and ginger powder together and roast them for a while

Each day eat two broiled eggs (yellow part) with a teaspoon of mixture of ginger and pink salt
  • Good for making more blood hemoglobin
  • Increase blood pressure
This is the medicine developed by Mr.Dinh Ninh Le Duc Thiep (a famous doctor in Vietnam, a former President of Alternative medicine association in Hochiminh in 1970s). It was given to so many people during a few years and received very good feedbacks from low blood pressure people. Normally, patients use this medicine can have good results in ten days such as pinker completion, more energy than before.
Medical analysis:
Yellow part of the egg is good for hemoglobin (red blood). Roasted ginger and salt create the path for yellow egg to go into kidney. In addition to it, ginger can warm the spleen up. That’s why this medicine is good for kidney and spleen. Lastly, ingredients are easy to find and safe.
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