Health and Disease from a Biophysical Point of View

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In biophysics, disease is defined as an energy deficit. Let’s go back to the crystals for a moment because these are of cardinal importance for the right understanding of water and salt. How do crystals form? The most beautiful crystals are usually found in the mountains. Tectonic movement creates pressure that forms crystals. When sufficient pressure is exerted on ordinary coal, it creates a geometrically perfect diamond with its own innate energy or information content.
Similarly, our bodies, when healthy, have perfect geometric crystalline structures. If this state is not found in the body, then we are lacking information/ energy. The body will then put pressure on us, mostly in the form of suffering, manifesting as disease. When confront with disease, we are more or less forced to make a change in our life. Our body is telling us that we are lacking something.
Lack of Energy Causes Disease
What we lack is energy! The simplest and most logical action at this point would be to find our which form of energy we are lacking and, in order to bring our body back into balance, replenish it with the appropriate energy/ information. What does this realization tell us? We are in a healthy state when we have sufficient power/ energy/ information/ life-force, as all are equivalent. Let’s look at our body as a rechargeable battery. If our body is to function well, we must make sure our batteries are charged. If this is not the case, our natural regulatory mechanism, the homeostasis, doesn’t have enough energy to recharge itself and cannot function. So, we can refer to disease as a lack of energy/ vitality/ information.
As of today, we know about 40,000 different diseases that are treated by the 1,200 different allopathic special fields with 58,000 different kinds of allopathic preparations or medicines at hand. However, the word diseases in the plural form, is not accurate. Have you ever heard of “healths”? We are either healthy or ill. This illness signals a lack of energy and shows up in the form of a symptom. However, to represent a symptom as an illness is technically inaccurate. The symptom is merely the intelligent crying of an energetically defective and suffering body for help. And normally, the body turns to a weakened organ to give us a hint, by means of a symptom, that things are not in order.
Suppressing Symptoms Does Not Heal
An energy deficit creates a chaotic state in the body. Order becomes chaos. If we suppress our symptoms we will not find the cause for our illness, and will not be able to balance our system. This form of treatment is not only ineffective, but can give rise to even worse diseases. Imagine, for example, that the oil indicator light in your car starts blinking, signaling that the car needs oil- a smart invention of the automobile industry to prevent irreparable damage. According to traditional allopathic medicine, treating symptoms rather than the cause of illness, you would just stick a piece of chewing gum over the annoying, blinking oil indicator light so that you could continue to drive without distraction. But how far would you get? After a number of miles your car would break down. Not because of the red blinking light- which is still blinking; you just can’t see it anymore- but because the motor has been damaged beyond repair, as the actual cause of the problem was not dealt with. This means that when you are experiencing symptoms of an illness, you are being shown that you have a deficit in energy and that you must tackle the source of this deficit instead of removing the symptoms of it.
Healing Through Consciousness
Pure energy in its original form is always immaterial and cannot be seen by the human eye. So, for some people, it is easier and seams to make more sense to take a pill than to examine and uncover the potentially for more complex causes of their illness, their energy deficit. However, suppressing the symptoms with medication only adds to the blockage of energy flow (commonly known as harmful side effects about which we are cautioned.) If we instead gain conscious insight about the cause of our illness, we actually could replenish the lacking energy. From that point on it is only a matter of time for the homeostasis, the self-regulating mechanisms of the body, to set in and to begin to work again. Through our own power, our body restores itself to its original state of order. This is called healing. If we are capable of balancing the energy level of our body, it will automatically regenerate the affected area, e.g., the organ, into its natural, healthy state. Hence it is obviously neither the doctor nor the therapist that heals us. Not a single one of the 58,000 known allopathic medications is known to actually heal an illness. Healing happens from within us because healing is a process of consciousness. By becoming conscious, we receive the missing information, the energy, a specific range or pattern of electromagnetic vibrations. This could be through the intake of food, which is gross matter or through subtle food, like words or information from a good therapist. But the food or the words of the therapist are only the carriers of information and not the energy itself.
Each word we speak has an energy associated with it. When we speak good or ill of someone, our words carry a vibration pattern of either dissonant or sympathetic frequencies. These waves travel to the one of whom we’re speaking, and, like waves breaking the shore, overwhelm the individual. But we don’t recognize, according to a universal of action and reaction, that those very waves we sent to another return to us, still colored with the same, original vibration pattern. In the end, we affect our own self with energy we send out to others, negative or positive. Remember, we are all interconnected. Maybe that’s why our parents told us as children not to talk badly about anyone.

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