Himalayan Bath Salt Ingredients and Recipe

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You do not necessarily need to spend a small fortune on boutique spa products to enjoy the benefits of Himalayan Bath Salt for aging. Using the ingredients suggested for this recipe, you can make your own homemade bath salts.

Ingredients of Himalayan Bath Salt:

  • 3 cups coarse Himalayan Salt
  • 15 to 25 drops essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil

Instructions for Himalayan Bath Salt recipe:

  1. Place the salt in a large mixing bowl
  2. Add the jojoba oil and stir well with a wooden spoon
  3. Stir in the essential oils and mix well, then transfer the mixture to a large glass jar
  4. Seal the jar tightly and shake before using

Notes: For this recipe you can use whatever essential oil you like- even a combination of different oils, if you prefer. Some fragrant essential oils you might consider using include lavender, rosemary, rose or eucalyptus.
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Himalayan Salt Rock Salt Lamp Health Benefits- Aysel US (page 44-45)
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