Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar-100% pure and natural

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If you are looking for a natural alternative for antiperspirants and deodorants, a Himalayan salt deodorant bar is a perfect solution. It kills odor causing bacteria without any chemicals or additives.
The benefits of using Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar
Body odor is most often caused by growth of bacteria in the moisture naturally produced by our bodies. Salt has been used as a natural and effective preservative for food like meat and fish for hundreds of years. This is because the salt inhibits the growth of bacteria in un–refrigerated foods and consequently prevents spoilage of the food. Likewise, salt will also prevent growth of bacteria on our bodies and consequently will prevent the production of most body odors. Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bars are not antiperspirants but then perspiration is a natural process and part of the body’s normal process for regulating function and balance. Using salt deodorant bars allows normal function while inhibiting odor.
This natural alternative may become more important as scientists continue to investigate commercial deodorants. Preliminary studies suggest that aluminum based chemicals in some commercial deodorant/antiperspirant products may be associated with a higher incidence of breast cancer. 

How to Use?
Just moisten the bar and apply. You can also apply it dry to already damp underarms, such as immediately after showering before you dry off.  Some salt bars are rougher in texture than others, so patting it will work fine.  If too course or rough, it could cause tiny scratches in skin.  Also if your skin is sensitive after shaving, you may want to wait a while before applying as it can burn for a bit on freshly shaved skin.
After use of the Himalayan Salt scrub bar, simply dry it off and keep it in a dry place.  Storage in a shower is not suggested though it can be used in the shower.  Always store it in a less humid environment to prevent crystallization.

If you want to use this as deodorant bar, you may prefer a light color one. 

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