Himalayan Salt for Sleep

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If you have trouble sleeping and often wake up tired you’ve probably had trouble falling or staying asleep or your sleep quality has been low for a while. We sleep for approximately 33% of our life and we need high quality sleep to wake up rejuvenated and deal with the tasks and stress in life. We will see what causes our bad quality sleep and How Himalayan salt can help you with it.
8 Hours a night is the recommended amount of time we sleep as adults. If we get less than 8 hours of sleep our body may not operate as effectively. There are two measures of sleep that you have to take into account, sleep time (hours) and sleep quality (how deep you sleep) and if you get more sleep (time) yet your sleep quality is still low then you will wake up feeling groggy. If you sleep a shorter period of time but have high quality, deep, rejuvenating sleep with proper hormone and sleep cycling you will wake up feeling rested. Ideally you’d like to get your body to sleep for an adequate amount of time, fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply and wake up feeling rested.
This isn’t always the case though. The quantity of sleep that you receive is up to you. You can go to bed earlier and get more sleep that way. Certain factors contribute to the lack of high quality sleep though and you have to make changes to improve the quality of your sleep.
3 Factors That Causes Low Quality Sleep:

1. Using Technology Before Sleep:
By being on your computer, tablet, phone or simply watching tv before sleep you are disrupting your bodies natural circadian rhythm which causes your serotonin and melatonin production to offset causing a decrease in sleep quality.
2. Eating Before Sleep:
Your body needs a good 3 hours (or more) to properly digest food. Going to bed on a stomach full of food (even just a little food) will cause your body to use resources to digest that food instead of using those same resources to give you high quality rejuvenating sleep. Eat early in the evening (4-5 p.m.) and avoid food for the rest of the night.
3. Late Night Stimuli:
There are quite a few forms of late night stimuli that can alter your circadian rhythm, engage your brain and thought processes, or engage your body and energy production late at night. You want to avoid these activities. You should do your best to avoid bright lights at night, use Himalayan Salt Lamps and get to bed before 10 p.m. If you work late at night and that stimulates ideas and more brain activity then avoid working at night. Working out at night may also be harmful. You could induce your body to wake up and be active and cause your body stress before rest. Late night sex may also be an issue. If sex causes you to feel drained (or energized) then it can decrease your sleep quality either way. Late night caffeine, sugar, or anything stimulating externally or internally will decrease sleep quality. The later the night becomes the more you want to calm your mind and body and move into rest.

You can remove factors that may reduce sleep quality or you can use the following simple solution using Himalayan Salt. You might be surprise to hear it, but this kind of salt can actually help you to get better sleep. It can improve the quality of your sleep in two ways:
  1. This natural salt can help to reduce your stress, calming your mind to prepare you for sleep- having adequate levels of sodium in your blood stream can actually reduce your body’s stress response so you have less anxiety.
  2. This purest salt can increase your oxytocin levels- this hormone is naturally produced by the body in response to stress, helping you to feel calmer and more relaxed.
There are several ways you can use Himalayan Salt to improve your quality of sleep. One of the simplest ways is to just use it to season your food throughout the day. While regular table salt can have a dehydrating effect on your body, the said salt provides a number of healthy minerals and will help you to build oxytocin levels throughout the day so you are able to relax at night when it comes time for bed.

Another great way to use Himalayan salt to promote healthy sleep is to drink a bedtime tonic. Something as simple as a cup of chamomile tea with a dash of this salt crystal added can work wonders for your sleep. You might also consider taking a Himalayan Bath Salt just before bed using the bath salts recipe provided here https://himalayansaltusa.com/spa-bath-and-massage-pbs-200.html. Your final option is to place a pinch of this natural salt (about 1/8 teaspoon) directly on your tongue before sleep and to chase it with a small glass of water.
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Himalayan Salt Rock Salt Lamp Health Benefits- Aysel US (page 53-54)
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