Himalayan Salt Lamps and relaxation

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We are living in a world of constant growth and we are finding ourselves confronted with greater and greater pollution of all kinds. The pollution is not just in the air we breathe and the food and drink we absorb; we are bombarded by sound pollution, visual and light pollution, and a constant stream of microwaves, radiation, and electricity. In such an environment, our bodies stiffen against attacks. We live, think, feel, work and love through this tensions and toxins. Our relationship with existence itself is altered by them. Later in this writing, you will find how Himalayan Salt Lamps can be used as an aid for relaxation to get rid of those bad effects.
Yet tension is sometimes necessary in life. It only becomes pathological when it’s permanent. If we don’t occasionally relieve our bodies and minds from these constant tensions, we will become more and more vulnerable to tiredness, nervous ailments and more serious conditions. That is why relaxation is so vital: it offers increased awareness, which allows us to express our deepest selves. It is not just a passive state. By letting go of tight muscles and constricted thoughts, we move closer to the wholeness that all human beings seek.
Relaxation can be difficult to achieve, however. Most of us are easily upset by stressful thoughts, events, and physical challenges. Time-honored techniques of relaxation and meditation are helpful precisely because they take our minds and bodies out of the crush of everyday experience and bring us step-by-conscious-step into greater states of peace. They enable us to reestablish mind-body balance and let go of muscular and mental tensions. We return to a natural, instinctive state where we recover our energy and revitalize our nervous systems. Learning to become relaxed and mastering the art of unwinding will allow you to live your life in a healthy body, get rid of all tensions and blockages. You will learn to control your thoughts, your emotions, and your mental states. Ten to twenty minutes of deep relaxation per day, when enjoyed regularly, can enable us to get back into shape mentally and return to our joy in living. We can discover unknown potentials within ourselves and become physically and mentally younger and more vital.
Himalayan salt lamps are a wonderful complement to deep relaxation exercises. By closely combining the protective power of salt, the qualities of chromotherapy, and the constant emission of negative ions, the lamps offer many advantages over other relaxation aids. For maximum benefit, your salt crystal lamp should be the only lighting in the room during your relaxation exercise. You should light it an hour or two before practicing.
One further unique benefit offered by salt lamps is that you can touch them directly. During sitting relaxation exercise or meditation practice, you can actually wrap your hands around the lamp, or you can lean your forehead lightly on the top of it. Its gentle glow will warm your skin without burning. If you are lying down, you can place the lamps so that it gently touches your hand, foot or the top of your head.
You will gradually discover your own, very personal way of using Himalayan salt lamps. If you enjoy touching the lamp during you the practice, remember that the tiny salt particles penetrating your skin will be positive and regenerative. Whereas high doses of salt taken internally could wind up being harmful, even long-term exposure through your skin will be nourishing and beneficial. Furthermore, after you have left the salt lamp lit on for an hour or two (the exact time-frame depends on its size and volume) you will notice that a subtle fragrance comes wafting from it. This aroma will enhance your relaxation techniques and meditation and may also have energetic benefits.
The relaxation method that follows has many uses and few contraindications. Simply choose the visualization that you prefer. If you are afraid of water, for example, don’t choose a visualization at the seashore. Opt instead for an image of the country, in a springtime landscape. And if for any reason you can’t stand the color of green, don’t choose a field full of wild grass. The golden rule of this exercise is to please yourself.
Relaxation techniques should be practiced in an isolated place. If need be, disconnect your phone and turn off your cell phone. The room should be lit only by one or two Himalayan salt lamps and must be absolutely sealed against drafts-don’t hesitate to seal doors and windows that are badly adjusted. You should be stretched out on the floor with your eyes closed as you listen to a message that you have prerecorded or that is being dictated by another person.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 67-75).
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