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Phosphenes are colored circles that appear on the retina when no light is present. These images can be directly induced by mechanical, electrical, or magnetic stimulation. Most of us have learned about this phenomenon through spontaneous experiment, for example, by pressing on our eyelids or staring at candles or a fireplace. They will often appear after you stare for several minutes at a 60-watt lamp or any other type of light. Phosphenes are pretty to look at and can feel like internal fireworks or a personal kaleidoscope, but their significance extends way beyond this idle interest. How does this happen with Himalayan salt lamps?
Himalayan salt lamps are perfect tools for generating phosphenes. They don’t have the aggressive character of most electric lights, and they avoid the ritual aspect of candles, which can lend themselves too easily to mystical extremes we would not know how to control. In addition, you can stare at a salt crystal lamp for a long time (though at a respectable distance), without there being a risk to your optic nerves. The phosphenes you generate this way will last longer than those generated by other methods, which is a considerable asset. Your thoughts will be able to imprint within the phosphene for a longer period of time.
To practice phosphene mixing, first do a modified basic relaxation exercise- in a sitting position. Your natural lamp should be placed in front of you on a piece of furniture that is at eye level. Stare at it for a few moments. When you have found an image, phrase, symbol, or key word that you would like to energize, go ahead and create a phosphene by turning your head away from the lamp and closing your eyes. At the moment a phosphene appears, visualize in the center of the colored circle a representation of your goal.
Does the phosphene disappear before it appears again? Does it follow the movements of your thoughts? Try to relax and let your thoughts go. Focus on the image. Try to work on this regularly as much as possible, at a time you have set up in advance. For instance, you can practice every night before going to bed, until your wish is fulfilled. This regularity will enable you to develop your visualization skills and to get results that are more and more convincing each time.
In the process of helping you achieve specific goals, phosphenic mixing will also increase your general well-being. By deepening your initial state of relaxation- which constitutes a kind of “flight path”- the phosphenic phenomenon will enable you to expand your awareness. In fact, what’s happening here is a “phosphenic mixing” of a special type; in this case, the phosphene does not crystallize only a thought, but an entire state of being. You will feel more present, living each moment fully. You will also develop a certain kind of openness, which will make you aware of subtle energies you may not have noticed before.
Practicing phosphenes is especially well adapted to modern man’s way of life, since it only takes a couple of minutes a day. In addition to the benefits described above, it will help you develop or improve faculties that have been lying fallow until now. All para-psychological exercises done after a phospenism session will have special power- especially clairvoyant exercises. You may even discover an ability to have premonitory dreams.
Phosphenes also facilitate memorization. You will easily retain a lesson learned at the moment the phosphenes appeared, a fact that has been taken into account by several schools in Quebec and on the African continent. In the area of self-programming and self-hypnosis, phosphenic mixing also does wonders, strengthening the will and powers of memorization in sometimes phenomenal proportions. Used in this way, practicing phosphenism increases one’s will considerably and can even intervene in breaking an addiction, especially to tobacco.
I hope you can see that phosphenism is a fantastic tool for personal fulfillment of almost any variety you can imagine. By using your Himalayan Salt Lamps to generate this fascinating phenomenon, you will be connecting your personal goals with the power and beauty of the oceans, our Earth, and all humanity.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 122-126)
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