Himalayan Salt Lamps and their Magic Power

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Magic in modern times has become synonymous with superstition and is considered impossible and false. Yet we forget that the word magic has the same origin as major and once referred to something basic, essential, and vital. Magic was the Major Art, because it included all the others. (Witchcraft, a type of magic, was simply the discipline of casting spells.) But just because the word and the concept are out of fashion doesn’t mean that the phenomena do not exist in concrete reality. We will see how Himalayan Salt Lamps relate to magic power in this article.
I can tell you that many skeptics I know have practiced specific rituals of pure curiosity and have had a few surprises. At its most basic level (and there are several levels beyond this), magic is a conscious projection of our will toward a goal. It is our volitional strength, carried into incandescence and passed through energetic levels, that cause events to be modified.
What relationship does this have with Himalayan Salt Lamps? By relaxing the body and the mind, these lamps help us to modify our level of awareness and our brain waves. Through the richness of their colors (directly perceived by our cerebral cortex), their subtle olfactory emanations, and their filtered light, salt they help us achieve the deeply relaxed and focused awareness that is necessary for and kind of ritual.
Another advantage of using those Himalayan Salt Lamps during magic work is that they help you avoid falling into extremes and becoming destabilized by negative forces. Such forces, whether they come from envious attacks by others or the shameful thoughts that you hide from yourself, can be effectively neutralized by the power of salt. We know that salt has traditionally been used to keep the Devil away; if you replace the work devil with a more modern notion like harmful waves, negative thoughts, or attitudes of hatred and destruction, you will perhaps understand the nature of this phenomenon a little better.
To use a crystal lamp for magical purposes, it should be situated at the eye level, so it can be a focal point for your concentration. Use a large-size lamp when possible, and avoid ones with colors that are too red.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 99-101)
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