Himalayan Salt Lamps- Clairvoyance

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Himalayan Salt Lamps have a very long history dated back to 250 million years ago. Thus, it is not strange that they possess some special energy. We will see how they help with clairvoyance.
Knowing that time is not absolute- even from a scientific point of view- it seems hard to exclude the possibility that we can explore, in our minds, both the past and our potential futures. Nearly anyone you ask can tell at least one or two stories of clairvoyant perceptions that they’ve experienced. Sometimes such information is so specific that it is hard, even impossible, to attribute to it pure coincidence.
It is possible to enhance your own clairvoyant abilities using Himalayan Salt Lamps along with meditation and relaxation techniques. Some people find them even more effective than crystal balls. If you already have a practice that encourages psychic vision (for instance, card reading or palm reading), then simply place a salt lamp on the table where you work. The lamp should be placed to your right and should remain in your visual field. If you are practicing for yourself, don’t hesitate to place your forehead on top of the lamp, or both your hands around it, to increase your concentration. You will soon come to realize that you are a great deal more effective, receiving visual and auditory flashes of a rare quality thanks to the contribution of the lamp.
Another major application in the area of clairvoyance consists of strengthening the objects that you use for supporting your readings- such as tarot cards, a pendulum, or a crystal ball. Simply place these things at the base of a lighted Himalayan Salt Lamp for three whole days. This will make them more efficient.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 92-93)
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