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Himalayan Salt Lamps can stay lit for several hours. The negative ions they generate will in many ways counter the electro-magnetic field they create. Moreover, the lamps will not get hot enough to burn you when you touch them, even after remaining lit for a relatively long period of time. Instead, they will give off gentle warmth and a fragrance midway between iodine and Jerusalem incense. It is a particularly pleasant smell that will excite your senses. We will see how they work in each area in your house.
In the kitchen, a Himalayan Salt Lamp will have a double effect, both soothing and energizing. It will stimulate your appetite, and will also have marvelous effects on your cooking skills! You will feel your kitchen to be a place of magic where you perform a kind of ritual, and you will spontaneously find the right ingredients and proportions to use in your cooking. The food elements you use will be more charged with your positive feelings in this new peace, and your family and guests will respond to this, even if they don’t know exactly how to express it.

In a dining room, the presence of a salt crystal lamp will make the conversations flow, even if the atmosphere has been relatively tense in the past. Whether you’re feeding yourself, your family, or a number of guests, their digestion- like their appetites- will be effectively stimulated, and everyone will have increased pleasure in the food and in the conversation.

In the living room, a large salt crystal lamp placed at the end of the room will clearly purify the atmosphere, both on the physical level as well as on subtle levels. Anyone entering this room will feel instantly at peace.

Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in an office will prevent stress in the work environment and enable you to create a non-aggression zone around you. Your work will seem easier to perform, and your effectiveness will be greatly increased. Of course, depending on your profession and the attitudes of your superiors, it may be difficult to install a lamp in your workplace. In that case, you can reserve a room or the corner of a room in your home where you will meditate on work situations and resolve any issues that arise.

It is particularly advisable to put a salt crystal lamp of about four pounds in your child’s bedroom, where it will quickly find its natural place. Your child’s anxieties will be soothed, as will any tendencies toward insomnia, nightmares, and/or bedwetting. You can think of this lamp as your child’s protector- a shield to keep his or her mind clearer, more serene, more balanced, and especially more self-confident. The lamp will also protect your child physically, as it will shelter him or her from a large number of illnesses.

In an adult’s bedroom, a lamp can serve multiple functions. On one hand, it can actually help soothe nightmares or recurrent insomnia, as it does for children. For these purposes you would choose a lamp of a paler shade. On the other hand, if you wish to stimulate your libido and/or your spouse’s choose a lamp with a distinct, very assertive, lively orange color. It should be lit one or two hours before bedtime, but don’t forget to turn it off when you have achieved your goal: otherwise, you run the risk of prolonging the initial state of excitement and having it turn into insomnia. Also remember that these remedies may not work immediately; be patient and wait a few days if the problem has existed for some time.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 53-57)
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