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We all know how Himalayan Salt Lamps can benefit us and we need to install a lamp in every one of the rooms in your home. Choose different sizes and shades so that each one of them can find its place. As a general rule, the relative size your lamp in a given space should be proportional to the time you spend in that room.
There are several sizes of Himalayan Salt Lamps from Micro (2-5 lbs) to Jumbo 5 (200 lbs) or bigger as Custom lamps (300 lbs) and the area that it protects depends on the surface area of the lamp. Thus, if a room calls for a 40-60 lbs salt lamp, you can also use 4-6 lamps (10 lbs each) for a better effect. Here is the size chart for your reference. Please be well noted that it is approximately and due to Himalayan Salt Company's standard. 
1 Micro 3.5*3.5*6.5 2-5 6*6
2 Mini 4*4*7 5.5-6.5 8*8
3 Small 6*6*9 10-12 10*10
4 Medium I 6*6*10 10-17 12*12
5 Medium II 6.5*6.5*10.5 18-22 14*14
6 Large 8*8*13 23-28 15*15
7 Extra large 8*8*16 30-38 16*16
8 Jumbo I 9*10*20 40-50 20*20
9 Jumbo II 10*11*22 60-70 25*25
10 Jumbo III 11*12*24 70-100 27*27
11 Jumbo IV 12*13*26 100-125 30*30
12 Jumbo V 13*14*28 150-200 32*32
13 Custom 14*16*40 210-300 40*40
NOTE: Many other companies sell much smaller lamps for the same size name with us. Compare the weight and dimension for the best lamps that fit your place.

In a small room, a bedroom for example, the micro should be sufficient. On the other hand, a large dining room should have a larger lamp. Know that these lamps never get saturated, whatever energies they may absorb. That goes for vibrational, metaphysical, and material charges. Not only will the negative ions bring a calming, regenerative atmosphere into each room of your house (and immediately soothe those most inclined to get irritated), but the salt crystal lamps will also absorb humidity. They also may help to kill airborne pathogens, keeping everyone in the household stronger and healthier.
From time to time you notice liquid flowing from your lamps, or salt crystals accumulating around its base; these are evidence of the moisture it has absorbed and will clear up less than a half hour after you light it. Himalayan Salt Lamps don’t need specific maintenance- their antistatic qualities tend to prevent dirt and dust from settling on them. At most you can dust your lamp’s surface with a soft dry cloth. Protect the lamp from direct contact with water as it may dissolve the salt. In the humid days in summer, the lamp should be light up 24 hours/day. 

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