The Ocean- Origin of life

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Millions of years ago, Earth was a watery planet. Totally enveloped in a salty, primal ocean, the land we walk upon today appeared over countless millennia as the subsiding seas were slowly evaporated by the energy of the sun. Still today, over seventy percent of the Earth is covered in water, which is why our planet is also referred to as the “blue planet.” Her mesmerizing blue color and awe-striking beauty has fascinated astronauts since man first entered space.
Sole (so-lay): The Foundation for the Creation of Life
Life comes from the ocean. The water of the ocean- a natural sole (water and salt solution)- contains the essential energy for the creation of life. All life forms on this planet have emerged from the ocean. We can observe this process in the growth of a fetus in the womb. Beginning from the day of conception, the embryo passes through all developmental stages of evolution. After 5 weeks it develops fish-like gills that slowly recede. Two hundred year and fifty million years (250,000,000) of evolution are performed in this period- from one single cell to a human being with consciousness. Where does this new life start? In the womb, in the amniotic fluid, in a 98.6oF, one percent water and salt solution (one part salt, 100 parts water)- the sole. This natural salt solution, called sole, is from the origin of the word, directly connected to the word “soul”. What we call sole for our salt solution (solution- two in one-no more polarity), was believed by the ancient Celts to represents our soul, as the soul originated, in their belief, from the ocean where we are born from the same fluids, arising from the same “soul”.
On the Self Healing Power of the Body
Our body in its wholeness is an ingenious creation of nature. It has been given all mechanisms to not only sustain its life but also to create new life. Every healthy person has innate regulatory mechanisms and self-healing powers, which ensure or reestablish the natural balance of the bodily functions, the homeostasis. It is not the doctor that heals us, nor the medication, but our own innate regulatory mechanisms. Our body is able to fully regenerate itself. Therefore, it is advised to use great discernment before labeling any disease as “incurable.” If doctors come to the conclusion that a disease is incurable, they would be more accurate in saying that with their knowledge and experience, they are not able to offer any further help. The word “incurable” conveys fear, which stifles and weakens our body’s innate defense mechanisms.
More Than Just Matter
If we enable our body, with the help of water and salt, to regulate itself, the body is able to regenerate itself and conquer every disease. We can reestablish the primal order in our body with the help of these original elements. The qualities of water and salt do not, by any means, originate in their material makeup or purity alone. We are not only speaking of the chemical composition of these two elements, but rather about their holistic qualities. The science of biophysics plays a key role within this perspective. On the basis of these findings, you will rediscover water and salt and appreciate the unique and all-encompassing possibilities of maintaining health and preventing many ailments. The science of biophysics offers you a perspective of the world that will raise your consciousness and offer you a holistic approach to life.
Even modern science no longer refers to water as simply H2O and to salt as NaCl (sodium choloride). The chemical and biochemical attributes of water and salt arise from a series of far reaching biophysical and energetic interactions. It is the goal of this book to show you and help you to understand the holistic abilities of water and salt; and when you understand these interactions, you will be abundantly rewarded with an expansion in consciousness that comes with this understanding.
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Water & Salt- The Essence of Life- The Healing Power of Nature- Dr.Med. Barbara Hendel, Peter Ferreira (Page 9-11)
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