Treat Your Feet-Foot soak for your weary feet

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Treat Your Feet to a relaxing and indulgent soak—while achieving unique health benefits. Reap the benefits of soaking your feet in pure, mineral rich Himalayan salt. It smooths rough skin and refreshes tired and sore feet after a long day.
In Eastern part of the world, people believe that foot is the second heart. It is said that in an old tree, the root will damage first, in an old person, the feet will damage first too. Therefore, taking good care of our feet is extremely important. According to Nerves theory, our foot has a collection of nerve fibers of liver, kidney, bladder etc running through. And due to Reflexology theory, our foot has the reflections of all our organs, spine, brain etc. Thus, when washing and massaging our feet, we can prevent and cure many diseases.
Moreover, our feet have uncountable nerve roots which are closely related to our brain and all other organs in our body. Using warm water to soak, wash our feet is a gentle and safe way to stimulate the roots of our nerves to enhance our memory, bring good feelings for our feet and brain.
A Treat Your Feet soak hydrates and smoothes rough skin caused by athletics, work, and the overuse of everyday life. It will be delightfully refresh your tired, sore and burning feet. It is a helpful treatment for people concerned about foot health for medical reasons, as well as a relaxing treat for everyone.
Treat Your Feet cleanses the skin on your feet to prepare it for use of lotions, pumice stones or other skin products. It removes chemicals and other unwanted residues that may cling to the skin and helps to establish a natural pH for your skin. Treat Your Feet rejuvenates and invigorates your feet and soul after a long day—so you can then “dance the night away.”
Fill a foot pan with warm water and sprinkle in the entire package of Treat Your Feet 200g or half of a 500g bag. Soak your feet as long as you wish.

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