Water and Salt-The Creation of Life

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It took Earth three to four billion years to create life through the interplay of sunlight, water and salt. Most of us have forgotten that we come from the ocean. But when we look at a sperm cell, we see that it consists of 99% water and 1% salt. Looking from this perspective, a sperm cell is just like a drop of the “mother ocean”.
The American chemist Stanley Miller proved that all creation began in the ocean. He showed how electric charges, placed in a sole, started to collect amino acids and combine organic matter. Although fascinating, it’s not completely accurate to say that life was created out of practically nothing. In fact, life is created out of everything, or better still, the “all” that is, because the natural crystalline sole contains all elements that exist on Earth. Our body consists of the same elements as water and salt. Even the ratio of concentration in our blood is the same as that of the primal ocean.
Begetting a Human life- The Marri-Age of Humanity
The creation of sole from water and salt resembles the procreation of a human life. Just as the water and the salt are willing to sacrifice their own identity in order to reach a higher form of being, new life arises out of the merging of two polarities- the sperm and the egg. The ultimate expression of self-sacrifice is when the sperm and the egg unite, becoming one, in order to create something new, a genuine act of unconditional love, the highest potential force of our creation.
Chemists refer to this process, when different elements of the same frequency and polarity merge together, as “molecular-marri-age.” Interestingly, the German word for marriage is “Hochzeit” which literally means “high time”, the most precious time of the one’s entire life, when new life is made. Although the English word “marriage” has a slightly different meaning, we can arrive at the same conclusion regarding the definition.
The first part of the word, “Marri,” comes from the Latin word “mare”- the ocean- the marriage of water and salt- from which all life originated. Also, in the Bible, we use the mythological term of “Mary” the mother of “Christ”, whereas “Mare” means the ocean- the sole- where everything had its beginning. So “Marri-Age” basically means this “Golden Age” when “Marri”-“Mare”-“Mary”-“Merry,” come together and enjoy sole-“Consciousness”- at its highest, most valuable potential- when polarities overcome their existence and new life (a child) is created. This creates a resonant effect. Not only is the energy contained, but it also increases exponentially to a new dimension- new life comes into being. In our realm we refer to this procedure as “marriage.” If your individual polarities are willing, within this marriage, to sacrifice themselves for a higher form of consciousness, then our energies increase exponentially with implosive effects to a higher dimension of consciousness. Following the inner ethical principal, it’s not only about sustaining life, but also about creating new life.

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Water & Salt- The Essence of Life- The Healing Power of Nature- Dr.Med. Barbara Hendel, Peter Ferreira (Page 130-132)
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