Benefits of Black Gourmet Himalayan Salt

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Although cooking with gourmet Himalayan salt is an upward trend for many beneficial reasons, there are a variety of other uses and applications for it as well. This article highlights a few health benefits and uses of black Himalayan salt.

Cooking with gourmet Himalayan salt is an upward trend for many beneficial reasons.  From a vast array of health benefits to the enhanced flavor, Himalayan salt comes in a variety of colors and flavors, ensuring the optimal cooking experience for all.  However, many people are finding other uses for black Himalayan salt that venture outside the kitchen.  This article highlights a few of the health benefits as well as other applications for gourmet Himalayan salt.



With a variety of skincare products available, it can be overwhelming to choose which one is best for your needs and skin type.  Furthermore, many people are turning away from companies that are heavily weighted on chemicals and animals products.  Enter black Himalayan salt.  Combined with natural oil, Epsom salt, and a pure essential oil of your choice, you can create an inexpensive at-home scrub.



Although many of us dream of a lush, shiny head of hair, our genetics may fall a bit short.  With the use of black salt, you can encourage natural hair growth.  Further, the vast amount of minerals you’re providing your scalp will also help to strengthen and treat split ends, stop hair fall, and cure dandruff.


Gentle Detoxification

With a cup of black salt and two cups of distilled water, you have yourself the perfect cleansing solution.  A natural detoxifier, the solution will help to flush toxins from your intestines and kidneys.  However, careful preparation and small doses are crucial to obtaining the desired results.


Ayurveda Solutions

Before the days of modern medicine, Ayurveda, or “alternative medicine” was the go-to method for people.  With heavy roots in India, Ayurveda continues today to be one of the most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems.  Because of the belief of mind-body connection, there are certain guidelines within the system to create optimal health.  One of these includes eating the rainbow while incorporating the six tastes.  Of the six, salty, is one of the top categories.  A blend of earth and fire, Himalayan salt is the perfect solution to balance the tastes.


Healthy Cooking

Black Himalayan salt comes from 100% pure Indian black salt.  This food-grade salt provides the consumer a high-mineral content.  Indian volcanic rock salt is not only distinct in flavor, but it also has a strong smell.  Thus, this type is of Himalayan salt is a love it or hate it.  Best paired with egg dishes, the volcanic sulfur taste enhances the prepared dish.  A must-have for many kitchens!


As with anything, when introducing something new to your diet or beauty routine, it’s best to do so with caution.  Although gourmet Himalayan salt has shown to provides several uses and benefits, your body should be introduced to the mineral slowly.  For more information on how to purchase the best and purest salt around, contact Himalayan Salt Company.  Click here to view the online inventory or contact us today at 508.845.0033.

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