Himalayan Salt Foot Rectangular Detoxifier 1 pair
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Himalayan Salt Foot Rectangular Detoxifier 1 pair

Price: $25.00
You heat the detoxifier warm to the level that you like in the microwave/ oven or on the stove. Rub your feet on the salt blocks to utilize the natural purifying and detox effects. It will attract toxins from your body, increase circulation, reduce swelling, deodorize and feel great on tired, achy feet. It is also great for hands! Himalayan salt has natural antiseptic and anti-microbial properties so cleaning in between uses is fast and easy.
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Status: Pre-Order
Product Code: FD-11
Gross Weight: 8.00lb . Length: 10.5 " . Width: 4.5 " . Height: 1.5 "
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