How does Himalayan Salt Neti Pot Sinus Cleaner work?

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Oprah Winfrey calls this a Nasal Bidet. Either way, think how good your sinuses feel after a good dip in the ocean. Now you can apply the cleansing and healing aspects of saltwater daily. Hand-crafted by skillful workers, this premium quality sinus cleanse pot or Himalayan Salt Neti Pot, will keeps your sinuses free of bacteria and lower your risk of contracting winter flus and colds.

The clearing of the nasal passage is a procedure that uses a saltwater solution to cleanse the nasal passages. Physicians have been recommending nasal saline irrigation since ancient times. Nasal irrigation can be used for allergy relief, sinus infection, sinusitis, snoring, post nasal drip and sinus pain.
So, how does Himalayan Salt Neti Pot Sinus Cleaner work?
A soothing, gentle stream of 1% Himalayan salt water, the same concentration as your tears, flows through your nose, washing away pollens, viruses, mucus and bacteria. It is useful for anyone with nasal congestion, hay fever or chronic sinus infections. Although it does not straighten a septum, it helps alleviate problems associated with this condition. Keep one around and use it at the first sign of colds or sore throats. Often it helps nip them in the bud. Many people with allergies use it daily as a preventative. It comes with simple, clear directions, and most people get fairly accustomed to the procedure during their first time. Many swear by their neti pot sinus cleaner.
Our Himalayan Salt Neti Pot sinus cleaner is hand-crafted by craftmen who share a passion for ceramics and pottery.
From our experience, we learn that using Himalayan Gourment White Salt is perfect for this application and do no damage for your respiratory system. 

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