Taste the Difference With Gourmet Himalayan Salt

Posted On: 04/05/2019 - Viewed: 19282
Offering the advantages of salt without the disadvantages, Himalayan Salt is becoming a household term. The team at Himalayan Salt Company proudly offers a variety of salts, each with their own unique characteristics.


Living in a health-conscious society has never been easier.  Today’s world offers a variety of options when it comes to making healthier choices for oneself and your family.  Salt is no exception to this.  Many processed foods contain unhealthy amounts of sodium which pose health risks such as high blood pressure, dehydration, or even heart failure.  However, gourmet Himalayan salts offer the advantages of salt without the disadvantages. Himalayan Salt Company offers several gourmet salt varieties for clean, natural cooking.


Unprocessed, pure white Himalayan salt is entirely free of chemicals.  Many popular brands of salt not only utilize an extensive list of harmful chemicals during processing but pesticides as well.  Furthermore, the white color is often obtained by bleaching.  With Himalayan salt, you can be confident that you are consuming nothing but natural salt.  Non-GMO, chemical, and pesticide-free, this salt can improve digestion while stabilizing hydration levels. 


With all of the same qualities and features of white gourmet salt, pink Himalayan salt has only one difference.  Pink salt contains a slightly higher iron content.  Thus, giving this unique salt its pink coloring.  Containing more than 80 different trace minerals, many claim gourmet Himalayan salt is one of the healthiest options for cooking.


Originating from Indian volcanic rock, black Himalayan salt differs in taste from the other two.  Because of the sulfurous nature of its heritage, this salt has the distinctive flavor of a hard-boiled egg yolk. Thus, an attractive alternative to many vegans.  The addition of black gourmet salt with tofu mimics a dish similar to egg salad.  Similarly, the unrefined mineral salt is used extensively in Indian cuisine.  The unique flavoring of black salt compliments snacks such as Besan masala peanuts and fried chana dal. 


Whatever your palette prefers, Himalayan Salt Company offers white, pink, and black gourmet salts.  Supplied in individual packets or 50-pound buckets, your needs will be met.  Visit them online to explore the options available.  A healthier you starts today!


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