The Benefits of Floatation in the Sole of Himalayan Bath Salt

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The floatation-tank sole bath is a special kind of bath. Floating in a crystal salt ocean, enclosed within the tank, is an extraordinary experience. Liberated from time, you travel deep into your innermost self. The Himalayan Salt floatation tank is a further development of the “Samadhi Tank” and the “Float Spa” applications. Dr John Lilly studied the human body in a state of zero gravity back in the 1950’s. His research initially served to provide NASA with a method for simulating zero gravity in their astronaut-training program. All floatation tanks are based on the same principle of floating in a sensory deprivation environment of highly concentrated saltwater.
Floating in a Quasi-Prenatal State
Whilst floating, you are completely isolated from the outside world, because the tank deprives you of all external stimuli. Additionally, the sole in which you are floating, and the tank itself maintain the same temperature as your body, so it doesn’t have to provide its own energy to balance the temperature. Through decades of research, John Lilly demonstrated that, even when our senses are deprived, our brain is still active because our subconscious is always active. Initially, magnesium sulfate was used for the salt solution in the tank. However, biophysical research with natural salt paved the way for the use of crystal salt, rather than a processed substance, to provide the salty environment within the tank. This change allows for a true quasi-prenatal state in the tank, because the body now floats in a natural energetic frequency spectrum that resembles its original condition inside the womb. This condition allows us to be consciously aware of our own self.
How Floatation Affects the System
The effects that the floatation tank has on our consciousness can be quite profound. We float in a sole solution like that from which we originally came, in our mother’s womb. Protected from all outside influence, we are suspended in our own liquid cocoon. Quite, warm and safe, we experience a return to our prenatal state. This can be quite profound for many. Some people have out-of-the body experiences during a 60-minute float session- this also has a significant impact on our health.
Dr Lilly found that you can create a sense of well-being: “Somewhere deep within the brain, was a mechanism capable of generating internal experiences completely independent of the outside world, and this settled the issue of what happens in profound physical isolation. The isolated mind becomes highly active and creative.”
Releasing Blockages through Deep Relaxation
The remarkable effects of floatation go even further. Floatation results in an increase in physical performance. Top athletes have long known about and taken advantage of this benefit. The deep relaxation provided by the floatation remedies sore muscles by reducing the production of lactic acid and increasing the production of beta-endorphins. Furthermore, our coordinative abilities improve and our consciousness expands, which further releases energetic and emotional blockages in our body. Floatation balances our brain hemispheres, which heightens and increases our creativity. Some compare the one-hour floating session to a vacation because we return from the experience totally relaxed, like having visited the most wonderful place on Earth. We should treat ourselves at least once in our life to a floatation experience in crystal salt sole inside a sensory deprivation tank.
The Effects of Floatation in Himalayan Salt Sole Bath
Extensive scientific studies have shown that floatation in a sensory deprivation tank is an extraordinary good way of relieving stress. Floatation normalizes the blood pressure, regardless of whether it is too high or too low.
Rheumatic ailments are reduced. The immune system is strengthened. Oftentimes, floating results in weight reduction.
Floating inside an oceanic solution that resembles our physical body, and entirely deprived of exterior stimuli, we are able to regenerate completely.
Floatation stimulates the production of endorphins, the “so-called” happiness hormones and strengthens our overall sense of well-being.
The state of deep relaxation regulates our breathing and our blood circulation, allowing for extraordinary healing effects through the absence of gravity. Body,  mind and spirit will experience their individuality in ways beyond comparison, and our batteries care completely recharged.
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Water & Salt- The Essence of Life- The Healing Power of Nature- Dr.Med. Barbara Hendel, Peter Ferreira (Page 153-156)
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