Himalayan bath salt- Scientific approach to bath salt

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Skin consist trillions of micro pores. Sweat is exuded through these pores. Sweat consist salt (Sodium Chloride). Many times, brine (liquid sweat) crystallizes within the pores. Thus blinding of the pores takes place. This causes body pain, pain in the joints, blood pressure, acne and luster loss of skin. How to remove the entrapped crystal salt? –entrapped in the pores. As well skin exudes an oily substance to keep the skin away from drying. This oily substance resists the entry of the water into the pores; thus water can’t penetrate into the pores to dissolve the entrapped crystals of the salt. Water dissolved with one percent (Himalayan bath salt) only can penetrate and dissolve the crystals. Once the blockades (entrapped crystals) are removed, you feel levitated; feel at ease; feel well-being; pains are driven away; blood pressure is normalized; smooth flow of thought process ensures; glossiness of the body increases; body enzymes (80 of them) secrete smoothly; cybernetic system of the brain functions at rated efficiency; Black spots, blemishes or pimples are removed gradually.
Brine (Salt dissolved water) is a conductor of Electricity. Our bare body has the aura of Electro Magnetic Force (EMF). This EMF increase once one is in the bath tub dissolved with Bath salt. EMF emerging from the body is conducted by the brine in the tub and returned back to the body. Thus circuit is completed. Circuits are looped. RESULT: BODY AND THE MIND are levitated; feel well-being; feel synchronized; feel vibrating.

Electrons are spinning in the atoms of the Himalayan Crystal since 300,000 years. Himalayan Crystal is formed 300 million years before whereas sea salt is formed 3 weeks before. Synchronized spinning is called IONIZATION or IONIZED. Electrons of Himalayan Bath Salt are ionized whereas the sea salt is not. Body salt (electrolyte) formed in the body fluid and blood has ionized electrons in their atom. Thus this crystal bath salt dissolved in the bath tub water readily dissolves the entrapped salt crystals (entrapped in the skin pores) and combines with body fluid, whereas dissolving efficiency of sea salt is much low.

Brine in the bathtub penetrates the genital track and catalyses the sensational glands and arteries. This evokes the sexual urge tremendously. Zinc and Selenium elements present in the Bath salt are the sex stimulants. Ascending results are found in regular use of both bath salt and Himalayan cooking salt. Ancient vedic texts (2000BC) enumerates these facts invariable. ALL NATURAL; NO SYNTHETIC. Himalayan Bath Salt consists all natural ingredients. Salt crystals, floral extracts, colors- all are natural and organic. During bathing even in case of contacts with eyes, respiration tracts and swallowing- all these contributes to healthier and curative treatment; whereas synthetic colors fragrance found in other bath salts based on sea salt are harmful for the body.
All the six senses are optimized to the higher efficiency. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, sight disorders, body pains, nausea, headache and impotency care cured. You feel life is much meaningful. 

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