Benefits of Negative Ions for Pain

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Neurotransmitters are chemicals that relay signals between cells in the body, facilitating the communication of information throughout the brain and body. Serotonin, or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), is a neurotransmitter found mainly in the gastrointestinal tract, blood platelets, and central nervous system. Most of the body serotonin is used to help keep the digestive system running properly, while the remainder takes part in regulating a wide variety of feelings, overall mood, appetite, and sleep. We will see what Benefits of Negative Ions are for the Pain.
Unfortunately, as a chemical designed to transmit signals across neurons, serotonin in the blood seems also to play a large role in the sensation of physical pain. (If you’ve ever wondered why the sting of a certain spider, hornet, scorpion, or stingray hurts so much, serotonin is a large part of the answer. Some species of these creatures have stingers that inject huge doses of serotonin into the blood streams behind the perception and transmission of pain with the body are still not fully understood, there is scientific data that suggests serotonin in the blood increases pain sensation.
Negative ions help lower serotonin levels in the blood. It seems they do so by speeding up oxidation of this neurotransmitter in the blood, converting it into a biologically inactive form. This may be one of the reasons why so many studies have found a pain-relieving quality to negative-ion therapy. Research on burn victims has shown that exposure to negative ions helps reduce pain levels while also working against infection. Some researchers have even seen benefits associated with cancer patients, who are often in pain. According to one report, cancer patients exposed to ion therapy required less analgesia and experienced accelerated healing of wounds.
For a number of decades, doctors have suggested multiple theories about serotonin’s exact role in migraine headaches. Many migraine sufferers will acknowledge disturbances in their stress levels, appetites, moods, and sleep habits as associated characteristics of these painful headaches. Many studies have shown that serotonin-containing neurons in the brainstem are involved in regulating many of these common aspects of human behavior, so it is no wonder that doctors have been considering serotonin’s part in migraines and how they might modulate this neurotransmitter to treat this problem.
The specific role of serotonin remains a matter of controversy. For years, scientists have linked migraines to either expanding or constricting blood vessels on the brain’s surface. The choice of treatment has also been a source of debate. Drugs that stimulate certain serotonin receptors seem to be effective in the treatment of acute attacks in progress, while drugs that block other serotonin receptors seem effective preventative treatments for migraine. One migraine pain theory, however, states that migraine pain is a result of overactive groups of brain cells that trigger high levels of chemicals such as serotonin. These elevated levels of serotonin constrict blood vessels throughout the body, causing migraine symptoms.
This theory accords with the idea that negative ions, which lower serotonin levels in the blood, may be used to prevent both migraines and headaches in general. According to a 1981 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, the introduction of a negative-ion generator into an office environment that had been found to be deficient in these ions reduced the complaint rate for headache by 50% and significantly decreased the number of reports of nausea and dizziness. In this same office, night-shift working was also associated with headaches and ill-health. Moreover, negative ions seemed to reduce these issues even more effectively at night than during the day. A similar report out of Surrey University described the effect of a negative-ion generator on workers in an office’s computer and data collection section. After exposure to an atmosphere rich in negative ions, the workers claimed a reduction in the number of headaches of 78%. In addition, the group’s job performance improved by 28%. Any business owner would be thrilled by these numbers.
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