Himalayan Pink Salt for Athlete’s Foot and Warts

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Athlete’s foot can be quickly and effectively cured with Himalayan Pink Salt. If toenails are also infested, the treatment can take up to three months, as the nails grow slowly. Anyone having recurring athlete’s foot should understand that it is not an infection limited to the feet. The symptom occurs in combination with the growth of a fungus in the intestine or from an acidic metabolism, ideal conditions that promote the growth of foot fungus.

The sole (1% of Himalayan Pink Salt & 99% living water) has a disinfecting effect which keeps the fungus from spreading. Furthermore, the sale regenerates the skin, making it better able to fight against the fungus and other bacteria and viruses.
Himalayan Pink Salt application for Athlete’s Foot
Drink one teaspoon of sole in a glass of living spring water every morning on an empty stomach.
Turn on an alkaline-forming, wholesome diet.
Bathe your feet in a concentrated sole solution, starting at 10%. Lightly towel your feet dry without rubbing.
If the skin is unopened, apply pure sole on the fungus and let it absorb into the skin.
Himalayan Pink Salt application for Warts
Warts are not painful, but they are annoying, unpleasant to look at, and very obstinate. Surprisingly, salt will effectively eliminate warts. Warts are caused by viruses and are always an indication of structural disorder, an imbalance in our blood. It is only in such an environment that viruses, fungi or bacteria can proliferate. Therefore, when treating warts it is important to not only treat them externally, but also internally with the sole drinking therapy.

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Water & Salt- The Essence of Life- The Healing Power of Nature- Dr.Med. Barbara Hendel, Peter Ferreira (Page 179-180)
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