The feng shui of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Feng shui is an art of living that developed over a thousand years ago in China. Paradoxically, this ancient art from the East is adapting itself perfectly to our contemporary Western lives. Many people around the world are finding that feng shui can energize their daily existence by improving their health and their relationships with money, love, success, reputation, family, and friends. We will see how feng shui represents itself in Himalayan Salt Lamps.
How does feng shui work? Quite simply by cultivating the circulation of harmonious, balanced energy in the places where we live and work. According to feng shui principles, the objects around us can either contribute to our balance or interfere with it: including the way objects are placed, the materials they are composed of, the direction they face, and their shape, color, and arrangement in a room can affect our physical and emotional energies.
This discipline relies on the notion that the condition of the rooms we inhabit reflects and reinforces our internal states. This is easily verifiable by experience. Haven’t you ever felt the desire to rearrange your furniture, throw out certain objects, or acquire new ones simply because you were getting ready to change course in your life, or because your mental state was modified? You were no doubt doing feng shui without knowing it.
One of the basic keys of feng shui is Five Element system, which gives us invaluable tools for evaluating and encouraging the harmony of a whole. The five elements in the Chinese tradition are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Like yin and yang, these elements can be found in everyday objects in our homes- in the color we see, the functions of particular appliances or furniture, and the composition of materials, among other things. Shapes of the lamps can also represent these Five Elements: Circle is Metal; Rectangle is Wood; Wave is Water; Triangle is Fire and Square is Earth.
The rule of thumb is very simple: the Five Elements should cohabit in good harmony with one another. In other words, the arrangement of your furniture and familiar objects should correspond to the mutually supportive relationships that are found between the elements in the natural world. These relationships are defined by the Creation cycle in Chinese philosophy.
With their gentle warmth and natural beauty, Himalayan Salt Lamps fit quite naturally within the practice of feng shui, and a growing number of practitioners recommend them. A central reason for their popularity among feng shui practitioners is that these fantastic objects actually manage to combine all the elements harmoniously! They create a complete Five Element cycle and can thereby correct deficiencies and excesses that may be present from other causes.
The oceanic origins of rock salt dictate its affiliation with the Water element; the environment through which it became transmuted and the quarries where it is mined connect it powerfully with the Earth. The mineral particles that infiltrate rock salt connect it to Metal, and Fire is transmitted to us through its rays of light as well as its orange-red color. You will notice that the one element missing from this lineup is Wood; now you understand why Himalayan Salt Lamps traditionally rest on wooden bases.
To further invoke the complete cycle of the Five Elements, a lamp would ideally be place on a transparent glass table, which would more strongly bring Water element’s serenity into the room. A small, low table would take its place in the décor harmoniously. Remember that the salt crystal lamps don’t contradict and don’t oppose any of the elements but on the contrary combine with each by completing its energy. That is why they easily have a place in the practive of feng shui.

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