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Our Himalayan Salt lamps are 100% natural. And the color of each one is unique and may vary from light pink, pink coral to deep red. We will see what difference it may affect us and how to choose the best lamps for you.
The initial association that the color light pink (or yellow) evokes in us is unquestionably the image of the sun. Although this color seems like a stimulating color, it actually belongs to the domain of colors that soothe more than they stimulate. It is a tone of real balance, especially for the neurological. And it is the color that acts powerfully on our neocortex and is associated with braininess, interior and spiritual life, and actions that are calmly thought out, rather than direct, rough intervention.  For having stolen the powers of the sun- divine fire- Prometheus found himself chained to a rock, condemned to having his liver devoured eternally by an eagle.
According to chromotherapeutic principles, the light pink (or yellow) vibration makes it possible on a psychological level to:
  • Limit the dispersion of our thoughts and put and end to our mind’s confusion
  • Develop an imaginary world and the creative aspect of our personality
  • Greatly increase the intellect’s performance and the ability to think and discern
  • Increase our cerebral ability and memorization skills in the context of a test or competition
  • Soothe people who have a hard time controlling their nerves and who are often victims of their “on the spot” emotive reactions
  • Increase our aptitude for enthusiasm and happiness
  • Acquire our aptitude for enthusiasm and happiness
  • Acquire healthy ways of reasoning and an ability to gauge other people’s qualities without judging them
  • Increase our vigilance
  • Relax the body and the mind
On a physical level, the color yellow (light pink) enables us to:
  • Regulate our vital energy more effective
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of some migraine headache
  • Strengthen the muscles and epidermis
  • Relieve pain connected to liver or gallbladder problems
  • Stimulate the pancreatic and intestinal systems
  • Fight against all forms of digestive problems
  • Ease suffering connected to curvatures of the spine
  • Energize our neocortex and the little gray cells of our brains
  • Accelerate the healing process of people suffering from diabetes
Orange impacts on the impulses connected to our animality- our sexual and instinct as well as the subconscious. From a chromotherapeutic point of view, the orange color has many implications. Sent out in the form of rays, this color makes it possible to do the following on a psychological level:
  • Develop feeling of altruism and openness to others, to increase one’s ability to feel empathy
  • Awaken the joy of living and fight effectively against neurasthenia and depressive behavior
  • Stimulate our courage in struggles and our ability to act effectively in ways that are less radical than those engendered by a red-colored wave
  • Increase our clairvoyance, vigilance, and ability to have perspective on events
  • Increase our personal magnetism, which gives us more influence over others
  • Impart more assurance and self-control
  • Make our minds more positive, in agreement with the fundamentals of dynamic psychology and creative optimism
  • Strengthen courage and the determination to take our destiny in hand
  • Halt impatience and angry impulses
  • Calm down and channel people who are too quick- tempered
  • Stimulate thinking and volitional faculties
On a physical level, the color orange acts to:
  • Stimulate the libido
  • Help regulate dysfunction in the menstrual cycle as well as in breast-feeding
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase one’s physical potential
  • Energize the genital areas and enhance their function
  • Ensure that the digestive system works well
  • Fight bodily weakness and lack of appetite
  • Calm down spasmodic and convulsive reactions
  • Prevent pulmonary and circulatory deficiencies and accelerate the healing process in both cases
  • Support allopathic treatments for people who have asthma
In summary, we can state that one of the most obvious functions of the color orange is to regulate, channel, and magnify our energies, whether they are physical or mental. But orange (pink coral) is a cross between yellow (light pink) and red, a blend that becomes more obvious as you observe the variation of colors in salt crystal lamps. The chromatic range that the orange color evolves through in these fantastic objects is absolutely inconceivable; it shows us nuances of color we have never seen before.

The color red evokes blood more than anything else; indeed, the ambivalent nature of red is summed up perfectly by this dramatic symbol. Blood is the vital element, the flow of life that circulates within us and without which no existence would be possible. But it is also the expression of violence and aggressiveness. We refer to these aspects in popular parlance when we say of someone who has lost control of his impulses that “the blood went to his head” or “she saw red.”

Red is something of a paradox, simultaneously a symbol of cruelty, dynamism, aggressiveness, courage, vital energy, and perversity. It is the like between Eros and Thanatos (Death).

The color of passionate love, exaggerated carnality, bodies on fire, feverish desire and an aphrodisiac color if ever there was one, red can also be dangerous. Isn’t the Master of Hell often depicted in red or purple clothing? Yet it is also the color worn by cardinals and popes. It seems that a certain degree of spiritual elevation is required for mastery of the powers inherent in the color red.

In chromotherapy, the red ray is used for the following psychological effects:
  • To give you back a taste for fighting and going beyond your limits
  • To impart energy to weary, depressed people
  • To recover from a failure or depression
  • To find the energy needed for action within yourself
  • To spice up your love relationship
On a physical level, the color red is valued for its ability to:
  • Increase your body’s resistance and energize your immune system
  • Improve muscle tone of the sexual organs
  • Fight bulimia and anorexia- the red color is an important element of effective treatment for such cases
  • Speed wound healing and the healing of eruptive diseases like chicken pox and measles
  • Improve feelings of health in people suffering from pulmonary conditions
  • Enhance blood circulation and harmonious breathing
  • Relieve intestinal problems
  • Act effectively on the nervous and lymphatic systems
  • Limit the emergence of problems connected to cold weather and increase resistance to catching cold
  • Remedy arterial or blood deficiencies
  • Stimulate and energize the whole body
Now that you have a more detailed understanding of the power of the colors embodied in Himalayan salt lamps, you can use them more effectively. I highly recommend that you equip each room in your home with a salt crystal lamp, with an eye toward balancing and distributing the red and yellow tones to achieve a gentle orangey color. Alternatively, if you want to create a specific effect in a given room, you can install a lamp whose colors will best suit that need. In this sense, it is better not to place a reddish lamp in a bedroom, as it will be too overpowering. You can also move your lamps around to address specific temporary issues.
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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 31-42)
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