Himalayan Pink Salt for skin and more

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Skin- Conditioning: Dissolve 1 cup of salt in your bathtub and soak as usual. Your skin will be noticeably softer. Buy Himalayan pink salt for a real treat.

Skin- Exfoliation
Use the same mixture as for the facial (see below) and while in the bath or showering gently rub the paste all over your body then rise. Your skin will feel fantastic and soft afterwards.
Skin- Facials
For a stimulating facial, mix equal parts of Himalayan Pink Salt and olive oil. Gently massage the face and throat with long upward and inward strokes.
Remove the mixture after five minutes and wash with mild soap and water. This mixture can also be used for the rest of your body.
 “Beach hair” effect
Make a solution of salt & water- lots of salt- in a spray bottle. Spray on damp or dry hair, then style. This makes hair thicker feeling and it will hold spiky or tousled looks. Goof for refreshing these types of styles too. Make sure that you wash your hair thoroughly after use.
Sore Eyes
Rinse a sore eye creating an eye-bath with a solution made from a pinch of salt dissolved in warm water.
Eye puffiness
Mix one teaspoon of salt in a pink of hot water and apply pads soaked in the solution on the puffy areas. This is also good for relieving tired eyes.
To relieve tired feet soak in warm water to which a handful of salt has been added. Rinse in cool water and dry well.
Dandruff hair
If you suffer from dandruff, the abrasiveness of ordinary table salt works great for scrubbing out excess dandruff and scalp flakes before you shampoo.
Shake some Himalayan Pink Salt onto your dry scalp then work it through your hair, giving your scalp a massage. You will find you’ve worked out the dry flaky skin and are ready for a shampoo. Shampoo well with your normal brand and rinse thoroughly.

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Salt a white crystalline substance- 1001 practical household uses (page 35-38)


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