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Have you ever asked yourself why salt is called White Gold and it could be used like a currency in the past? Because there are so many benefits that we have from salt in general and Himalayan Salt in particular. It is invaluable. Here is the list that you can add to yours. May it bring you more joys in life.
Air Freshener
Buying fragranced air fresheners can get expensive and they also use some very nasty chemicals. Here is a wonderful way to make your room smell like a rose any time of the year. Layer rose petals and salt in a pretty jar with a tight-fitting lid. Remove the lid to freshen the room.
Artificial flowers
You can quickly freshen up artificial flowers- whether they are silk or nylon- by placing them in a paper bag with 55ml/ ¼ cup salt. Give the bag a few gentle shakes, and your flowers will emerge as clean as the day you bought them.
Artificial flower arrangements
Salt is a great medium for keeping artificial flowers in the arrangement you want. Fill a vase or other container with salt, add a little cold water, and arrange your artificial flowers. The salt will solidify as it dries, and the flowers will stay put.
Brass and copper polish
When exposure to the elements dulls brass or copper items, there’s no need to buy expensive cleaning products. To shine your candlesticks or remove green tarnish from copper pots, make a paste by mixing equal parts salt, flour, and vinegar. Use a soft cloth to rub this over the item, then rinse the warm, soapy water and buff back to its original shine.
Brighten the color of your curtains and rugs
Wash colored curtains or washable fiber rugs in a salt water solution to brighten the colors. Brighten faded rugs and carpets by rubbing them briskly with a cloth that has been dipped in a strong salt water solution and wrung out.
 A new straw broom will last longer if you soak its bristles in a bucket of hot, salty water. After about 20 minutes, remove the broom and let it dry.
Stop new candles from dripping by first soaking them in a strong solution of equal parts water and salt or several hours. Let the candles dry, then burn them as usual.
Clothes pegs (wooden)
Boil in salt water before using them and they will last longer.
Cut flowers
Add a little salt to the water, your cut flowers will stand in for a longer life.
Driveway de-icer
To de-ice your driveway, sprinkle rock salt over the area. If you do not have any rock salt, normal table salt can be used as a replacement although it may cost a bit more.
When you’re ready to turn in for the night but the fire is still glowing in the hearth, douse the flames with salt. The fire will burn out more quickly, so you’ll wind up with less soot than if you let it smolder. Cleanup is easier too because the salt helps the ashes and residue gather into easy sweepings.
If you need to clean your flowerpot so that you can replant in it- instead of washing it and making a muddy mess, just sprinkle the inside with salt and scrub off the dry dirt with a stiff brush. This method is very handy if your potting bench is not near a tap or hose.
Frost on window
Salt greatly reduces the freezing point of water so you can use this fact to keep the windows in your home free. Wipe them down with a sponge dipped in salt water and let them dry.
In the winter, keep a small cloth bag of salt in your car and when the windscreen and other windows are wet, rub them with the bag. The next morning if it is frosty, your windows won’t be.
Goldfish- Cleaning the tank
To get rid of the mineral deposits from the water in your fish tank, rub the inside of the tank with salt, then rinse the tank very well before putting the fish back in. Use only plain, not iodized salt. This is absolutely one of very good Himalayan salt benefits.
Goldfish- Saltwater bath
When you next change the water for your goldfish, put the fish in an invigorating saltwater bath for 15 minutes while you clean the tank.
Make the bath by mixing 1 teaspoon of plain (non- iodized) salt into 1 liter of freshwater. (Just like the tank, you should let the tap water sit over night first to let the chlorine evaporate.) The saltwater will kill parasites on you fish’s scales and will help your fish to absorb electrolytes. You must not add salt to the tank as Goldfish are freshwater fish and can’t spend too much time in salt water.
Grease stains from carpets
Mix up 1 part salt to 4 parts rubbing alcohol and rub it hard on the grease stain, being careful to rub in the direction of the rug’s natural nap.
Ink stains
To remove wet ink stains from the carpet, cover the stain with salt. Let sit over night and vacuum. The salt should have absorbed all the ink.
Himalayan salt benefits will be continued adding more for your use. Enjoy them to make an easier life.

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Salt a white crystalline substance- 1001 practical household uses (page 19-21)
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