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What most people don’t know or seem to grasp is that salt is important in reaching your health goals. From helping you to regulate blood pressure, keeping your moods stable, or even just helping with weight loss, natural salts are an aide to anyone trying to stay healthy. Those are a few natural salt or Himalayan salt benefits.
Natural salt is important in the body for various things, and actually our body is made mostly of salt and water. Our blood is actually one percent of mixture of water and salt, a solution called sole. This is the same concentration of the salt the ocean, and it’s a vital concentration for our body to remain healthy. Having a salt deficiency can negatively and severely affect someone’s health.
Salt also helps to neutralize acids in the body, which can help with things like indigestion. Since salt can also reduce mucus and phlegm, it’s good for many asthmatics or just for people during allergy seasons. However, these aren’t the only benefits of salt in the diet. The Himalayan salt benefits of salt are far reaching.
Our bodies need electrolytes, which does include salt. Salt helps to retain water in the body, which is helpful when kept under moderation. Since electrolytes also help to tell us when we are thirsty, keeps the body well hydrated and fear of dehydration diminishes with the proper amount of natural salt in the diet. This water consumption will then help to keep the needed amount of water in our bloodstream.
Heat prostration and sunstroke is a very prominent worry in today’s weather conditions. Salt can help decrease this risk. Salt is also what allows us to taste our food and affects or salvia glands. If salt did not help to create hydrochloric acid, our stomachs would not be able to break down food properly, and the stomach would eventually try to eat itself. There are many reasons that salt is important in the body because without it our bodies would not be able to keep running properly, and illness would set in.

A lack of salt can cause muscle, aches or spasms. This is a result of a lack of natural salt, as natural salt has trace minerals that are important to the body. High blood pressure can also be caused by a lack of natural salts and this can result in stroke or hypertension.
 A salt deficiency is a real medical condition, and it often is left untreated and undiagnosed. Many serious diseases can result. Salt is also known to keep away intestinal worms, so a lack of salt increases your risk. Depression and anxiety also sets in when you have a salt deficiency, as you’ll lose serotonin and melatonin, which are important to your mental state. This can also result in the beginnings of insomnia or general trouble sleeping and restlessness, as well as irritability.
 A salt deficiency will often cause a salt craving, which is an important warning sign that your salt consumption needs to be increased, but only with natural salts. You should always listen to what your body is telling you. In hotter temperatures a sodium deficiency becomes even more dangerous, as you won’t be able to retain water properly. This puts you at a higher risk of having a heatstroke or other heat related issues.

Salt and calcium are actually related to one another. Calcium is like a backup system that you don’t want your body to have to result to using. If your body does not have enough alkaline to neutralize acid, your bones will release calcium to do so. Over time this will hurt the strength of your bones, and therefore calcium should not be used to neutralize acids if possible.
Alkaline can be found in natural salt, and natural salt is another way to neutralize acid. If salt is present in the diet to begin with, then your bones will not have to release the calcium on a regular basis to continually neutralize the acid. This is why salt can help keep your calcium reserves up and your bones healthy and strong.

Salt can be used for weight loss because it can speed up the digestive process. Without natural salts present in your diet it takes longer for your body to digest food, and it can also cause a buildup in your digestive tract. This will result in bloating and weight gain. Your metabolism is slowed when you cannot digest food in a proper length of time. With natural salt in your diet it will help to speed up your metabolism, and your food will process faster.
You’ll also absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your food, allowing for the food you eat to benefit your body more. When all of these Himalayan salt benefits are combined, it’s proven that they can aide in weight loss. However, it will not be enough on its own. A proper diet and exercise will still be needed.
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