Himalayan Salt Lamp used in Crystal programming and Dowsing

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Crystal programming is a way of asking a crystal to clarify and amplify your intentions as you work with it. There are many methods for achieving this “programming,” which is actually more like making a contract than imposing your will on the stone. However, numerous experiments done with specialists in the field have proved that any such programming is achieved more quickly, and with longer-lasting results, when you do it with your hand outstretched above Himalayan Salt Lamp.
When you bring your healing crystal into the energy field of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, the two minerals will work together for your greater well-being. This effect becomes even more dramatic when you use a lamp whose color tends toward a dark orange but doesn’t extend into the red color zones.
Practitioners of crystal programming know that between each new programmed goal, a crystal must be “de-saturated”- usually by plunging it into a basin of water salted with rock salt. However, a large size salt crystal lamp can replace this soaking operation. Just place your crystal at the foot of the lamp, which should remain lit for one whole night.
The presence of a salt crystal lamp during dowsing work- even a small size one- considerably increases its effectiveness. This improvement is noticed even among beginners, whom it shelters from many initial mistakes. To make use of this benefit, light a salt lamp at least two hours before going to work. The lamp can be near you, or placed anywhere in the room where you work. The objects or photos you wish to test will be placed at its base- the same way as a plan for doing research. If you use a pendulum as an instrument, you should suspend it above the lamp when you ask your questions.
To dowse under ideal conditions, you will actually have two Himalayan Salt Lamps, one at each end of the table on which you will be doing your research, whatever type of work that may be. Such an arrangement enables you to obtain exceptional results.

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Source: Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 94-97)
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