Tips for Himalayan Bath Salt for Anti-aging

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You may already know that the food you eat has a significant impact on your body hand, more specifically, on your skin. If you eat an unhealthy diet loaded with saturated fats and deficient in nutrients, your skin is going to show it by looking oily- you may also experience frequent breakouts and you could even develop early wrinkles. Though there are many “miracle products” on the market to reverse the signs of aging, the solution may actually be simpler than you think- Himalayan Bath Salt.
Himalayan Salt can cleanse and detoxify the skin, helping to draw out toxic substances which will leave your skin clear and smooth. The natural minerals in this salt can also be beneficial in treating a number of skin condition including psoriasis, acne and general dry skin- it may also be effective in treating insect bites and blisters. The best way to gain these benefits from this crystal salt is to soak in a salt bath.
Tips for Using Himalayan Bath Salt
Himalayan Bath Salt comes in a variety of forms, so the amount you use may vary depending on the product. Some bath salts are very fine while others may be coarse ground- referring to the instructions on the package to determine the ideal salt-to-water ratio for your bath. Follow these steps to use your bath salts:
  1. Fill the tub to the desired level with very warm water (as hot as you can stand it).
  2. Use a bag 500gr of Himalayan Bath Salt and hole it under the faucet with the water running.
  3. Let the salt fall into the tub where it will dissolve.
  4. Climb into the tub and relax for at least 20-30 minutes to gain the maximum benefit from the salt.
  5. Do not rinse off after your bath, simply towel yourself dry.
  6. Rest for 30 minutes after drying off to allow the salt to continue soaking into your skin.
Note: The higher the concentration of Himalayan Salt in your bath water, the greater the benefits will be. Do not be afraid to add a little extra and feel free to reheat the tub with warm water as it cools.
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