Himalayan Salt Lamps for Healing and Purification

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There are countless techniques of healing, all of which rely on the practitioner’s ability to recognize and reorganize energetic disturbances. Some styles such as massage, Rolfing, and acupuncture use hands-on methods, while others, such as energy healing, keep the practitioner’s hands a few inches above a client’s body. Himalayan Salt Lamps are terrific assets in any healing practice.

First of all, Himalayan Salt Lamps enhance the ability of the body and mind to relax, which are conditions needed for practicing any healing technique well. Second, they will recharge the practitioner, helping her to avoid being destabilized by the illnesses of those whose healing process she is accelerating. It is a good idea, for example, to put your hands directly on the lamp before and after a session. This will help cleanse and recharge your energy body as well as your hands. Use a large-size lamp in your treatment room, and light it up an hour before you begin your session.
Himalayan Salt Lamps for Purification
Rock salt can be used for spiritual purification just like it is for protection. This idea is also based on the fact of salt’s antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Since salt can prevent the decay of food, why wouldn’t it also cleanse our spirits?
In fact, I believe that daily meditation in front of a salt crystal lamp does produce a sort of cleansing of our mental state- especially when that lamp is the only lighting in the room. By a “cleansing” of our mental state I mean that in time we will tend more often to do the right thing at the right time, and our thinking will become clearer, more lucid, more attentive, and more vigilant. We will be heading little by little toward a kind of internal peace, which will be felt in our relationships with other, and our minds will be more open to the world around us. These effects may be due to the lamps’ joint actions of negative ionization, chromotherapeutic effects, and the development of the chakras.
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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for healing, harmony and purification by Clemence Lefevre (page 98-107)
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