Health benefits of Negative Ions for Healing and The Immune system

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Negative ions may also boost the immune system and help the body heal itself. In 1959, a researcher named Dr.Igho H.Kornblueh treated 138 burn victims at the Northeastern General Hospital with negatively charged air. What he found was that almost 60% of the burn victims experienced a significant reduction in pain and discomfort, while at the same time healed faster and more thoroughly.
On the other hand, only 22% of a control group that underwent traditional burn treatments had similar results. Along with his colleagues Gualtierotti and Sirtori, Kornblueh published another report on the healing power of negative ions in 1968, in which 138 burn victims noted reduced pain levels and quick scar tissue formation after receiving negative-ion therapy. The hastening of the process may have been due to the ability of negative ions to prevent microorganism infection.
In defense of this idea, a 1986 study published in General Physiology and Biophysics showed accelerated wound healing in rats whose skin had been deprived of epidermis and then exposed slowed healing. According to the same scientists behind this research, soft tissue deprived of oxygen promotes the growth of harmful microorganisms such Clostridium perfringens and Staphylococus aureus, both of which are killed by negative ions pulsed on the injured tissue.
In fact, in 1979, the Journal of Hygiene had already declared this particular benefit of negative ion exposure, publishing a study that showed reductions in bacterial levels in hospital burn units after two weeks of filling these environments with high levels of negative ions. These reductions resulted in quicker and better healing in patients.
In 2002, an article in Critical Care Medicine detailed the effects of negative ion exposure on postoperative recovery. It stated that the patients who had received negative ion therapy after surgery displayed faster rates of recovery than those who had not. In addition to aiding recovery, negative ions seem to prevent certain types of injury as well, as evidenced by a 1975 study in which negative ions helped irradiated animals avoid radiation injuries.
Mucosal surfaces inside the body, such as gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract, produce approximately15% of the body’s Immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which is the principal antibody in their secretions. Antibodies, of course, are proteins used by the immune system to fight off unwanted bacteria and viruses in the body. According to a 2004 study published in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, negative ions can elevate levels of salivary immunoglobulin A, which illustrates the mechanism behind their ability to promote healing and immunity.
In relation to this function, researchers Borgas and Deleanu’s 1989 study proved the favorable influence negative ions can have on gastric ulcers. After inducing gastric ulcers in rat test subjects by means of the causative bacteria Helicobacterpylori, Bordas and Deleanu treated certain groups with negative ions experienced accelerated healing of ulcers, diminished acid secretion and gastric bleeding, and reductions in the sizes of ulcers. The same authors published a follow-up study in 1991, which found that negative-ion therapy significantly decreased the number of ulcers in test animals, promoting durable healing and less gastric pain.
In 2008, Japanese researchers found that negatively charged air could activate the immune system, smooth blood flow, and stabilize the autonomic nervous system. As a result, these scientists also called for analysis of the long-term effects of artificially created negative ions, likely in the hope of recommending the use of negative ions generators to improve the indoor atmosphere of places high in positive ions, such as office buildings, in the future. An office, building with a negative-ion generator may see a reduction in absenteeism due to illness and an improvement in productivity.
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The happiness effect-The positive benefits of Negative ions- Earl Mindell, RPh, MH. PhD (page 31-33)
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