How can we make a blue Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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What are Himalayan Salt Lamps? Himalayan Salt Lamps are mined deep underground from the Himalayan mountains. They are hand crafted and carved but their surface is unpolished to have a natural look or they are made in recognizable and uniformed shapes for home or office.

What is WHITE Himalayan salt?
In a typical salt mine in the Himalayan mountain region, the layers of colors in the salt deposit range from pure white to deep red depending on the amount of iron in the deposit. The darker veins of Himalayan™ Salt are mined for pink salt and other salt products. The white layers are mined for use as food salt or salt lamps. The only difference between the white and pink Himalaya Salt is the level of iron. 

How can we make a BLUE Himalayan Salt Lamp?
Once we get a white salt lamp and we can put the blue light bulb in to have this distinctive color because this white salt is translucent with a specific clarity that works with blue light. Therefore, it allows for the color of the lit lamp to be a unique shade of blue. There are multiple steps that go into achieving these unique, blue salt lamps (not blue salt). It's a combination of salt that is pure white (still containing the 74+ trace minerals). Most Himalayan salt will not allow cool-colored light to shine through, but this vein of salt does. We can make green, red or amber Salt Lamp the same way.

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