Pink salt and wormwood- simple and effective remedy to cure vertigo (head spinning) for good

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My father suffered from vertigo for several years. He dared not travel very far. He couldn't drive himself or travel by air. He was so obsessed with it and he thought that his life came to an end. When he woke up, it would hit him again. Once, he fell off the bed and broke his arm. He tried used hundreds and hundreds of doses of Chinese traditional medicine. Each time, he felt a little better but then the head spinning would return. Then he tried bulk pink salt and wormwood under his pillow at night and the vertigo went away for good.
The vertigo resulted from constriction on blood vessels nerves on the back of the neck resulting in restricted blood flow and/or neural conduction to the head. There is a collection of nerve fibers at the base of the neck and the place where the nerve cross each other was in University mace pit, which is behind the head. Heavy work or injury can damage this area as can vertebral degeneration. Application of heat from pink salt and wormwood can reduce trauma to this area and reduce vertigo.
  • 4.45lbs (2kg) of Himalayan Pink salt (Coarse grind)
  • A bunch of fresh or 6 OZ (170g) of dry wormwood
  • A bath or beach towel
  • A pillow cover
How to do?
  1. Pour the pink salt into 9" pan
  2. Turn on the oven and stir salt for 5-7 minutes or until the rock salt gets very hot.
  3. Wrap the salt in the towel (see picture below) then put it into the pillow cover
  4. Spread the wormwood on the pillow so that it is nice and warm (with dry wormwood: use  two socks and sew the top to hold the wormwood inside- See picture below)
  5. Place your head on the pillow for two hours or until the salt cools down
  6. You can sleep with your neck on the salt-wormwood pillow
  7. Repeat doing it in seven continuous days
  8. Do it twice a year to prevent re-occurrence of the vertigo.
 The crystal salt may get very hot, so remove it right away if you feel too hot.
Coco Hong
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